You will have a specific particular succeed relationship planned if you send strive to them شركة التقنيات العصرية
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You will have a specific particular succeed relationship planned if you send strive to them


Nobrow happens to be a writer, definitely not an illustration department. You must have a certain version of work combination in your mind once you submit work to these people (i.e., a picture ebook or an artwork creative), make sure its in keeping with something they do.

Incorporate a short summary and summary of any project. View themselves of employment and feel, will the thing I like to pitch participate in the Nobrow canon of functions?obtained split the articles processes into three unique people.

Niche 1: Short-form comics a€“ The 17 times 23 television series: they have to getting 24 articles beginning to end.

Class 2: Long-form comics/ graphical Novels: submissions for graphical books that are 90 webpages or longer. If you’re an illustrator/author free Inmate dating websites or an illustrator and author duo, you should offer a minimum of ten end pages in the presentation present these people a preference of this a€?look and feela€™ regarding the suggested e-book.

Northwest Press

Northwest Press try a smallish creating home dedicated to spotlighting the greatest in LGBT graphic novels and comics and it’s focused on encouraging future skills.

Northwest primarily posts graphical novels and comics that is not just these days processing submissions for prose work.

Every media they write have solid lezzie, homosexual, bisexual or transgender information. This could easily be direct (stories about times and battles tied to the queer feel) or implicit (looking at much normal problems with the channel associated with the queer person).

They’re able to and carry out write much shorter parts as electronic comics, and therefore are earnestly desire newer and previously-published try to relieve electronically.

Trick Miles


Hidden Acres like comics. These are going to examine anything and everything. Should you decidea€™re considering forwarding your project in, take a look at their internet site earliest. They offer wide-ranging choices, you could see a pretty good thought of the thing they like from whata€™s on the website. Dona€™t send nothing original. The two keep on whatever we get. Tough albums, mini-comics, .pdfa€™s and links are usually great. Dona€™t submit slant. Should you want to be looked at for guide, theya€™ll want to find out an excellent chunka€™s benefit. You’ll be able to send your own comics to the address under EMAIL US regarding the home page. Ensure you reveal that whatever youa€™ve directed them is definitely a submission for publishing.


Trick Acres deal its music artistsa€™ self-published comics on a non-commissioned base. With the remainder of you aren’t as fortunate. If you like SA to hold your self-published comics within stock a€“ submit these people a duplicate. Should they want it and it also meets with their company, theya€™ll give you a questionnaire to enter. The phrases are quite obvious: SA will get 50percent of cover, you can get all the rest. Quarterly a persona€™ll receive cash for whatever am offered. In the event that you dona€™t has no less than 15 replicas present, dona€™t send in an outlet agreement. They could n’t want 15 duplicates immediately, but they should make positive that they’re able to have your comics equipped to re-stock from you without a long wait. You’ll be able to forward their minis around the address under CALL US regarding home-page. It is advisable to show youa€™ve submitted a submission the Secret Acres Emporium.


SelfMadeHero happens to be a happy advocate of artwork unique skills from UNITED KINGDOM and past, pleasant submissions from both unique and achieved makers.

Before you submit your job, remember to be knowledgeable about the things they upload. Should they upload your ebook, it’ll likely slot into a implementing classes: Original literary composition, Non-Fiction, image resource, vision Classics, Sci-Fi & scary or theft Classics.

When it’s a collaborative plan, SMH prefers to see pitches from people and creators might already decided to come together.

Have you got a presentation?

If youa€™re happier that the graphical work of fiction project would meet SelfMadeHeroa€™s set, be sure to submit a synopsis (maybe not surpassing one A4 webpage) at smallest eight articles of sequential methods by mail to submissions@selfmadehero.