With Dinolingo, youngsters discover Polish through videos, video games, products, stories, tracks, printable worksheets and flashcards. شركة التقنيات العصرية
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With Dinolingo, youngsters discover Polish through videos, video games, products, stories, tracks, printable worksheets and flashcards.

How can teenagers read Polish?

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Polish Instructions

Little ones will start finding out Polish whenever they starting seeing our Polish coaching full of animated cartoons, surprises and reps. Learning Polish for kids will be easy with DinoLingo’s excellent Polish understanding courses.

Polish Books

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The Childrens shine publication library is a great site for young ones discovering shine. We’ve got a huge selection of Polish guides for kids for example industry classics, short reports, fairy stories and basic photo books both for novice and higher level Polish vocabulary learners.

Polish Audiobooks

In addition, all of our Polish book library has over 100 Polish audiobooks for young ones with both “read along” and “change to English” functions, so young ones can hear those guides sound in both Polish and English.

Polish Flashcards

You can easily install and print Polish flashcards on a letter proportions or A4 size report. The flashcards showcase animals, colors, numbers and a lot more. 150 Polish vocabulary flashcards as a whole. Playing Polish flashcard video games was a well-known way of mastering shine.

Polish Games

Polish video games for young ones include many video games eg mind matching, mouse click and tell, term controls games and tests. The games are strategically located after each Polish training to measure the childs Polish mastering progress. Online Polish video games tend to be suggested by experts whenever instructing the Polish code.

Polish Kid’s Tunes

Our very own shine words program for kids contains ten prominent Polish kids’ music from Poland , each track is offered in a colorful video.

Shine Reports

Polish stories eHarmony vs Match 2021 for young ones incorporate fables, legends, folktales, classics and well-known tales the world over. Simply press the gamble option and take pleasure in enjoying kids stories in local talking gloss vocabulary.

Gloss Worksheets

All of our “Print” point contains 18 Polish worksheets from rates to colors and much more. What’s more, it consists of a printable animal image dictionary, coloring guide, task book, printable improvements information and document, a flag of Poland and much more for fun families activities.

How might it run?

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Polish discovering films

After viewing Polish learning clips repeatedly, most offspring start to speak gloss phrases fancy; Hello, How are you presently? Suitable, Understanding this? This is certainly, Goodbye, etc in gloss code.


The childs attention was captivated simply by using all the senses with cute dinosaurs, colorful animations and musical, skillfully designed and engineered especially to build the foundations for foreign language reading. Throughout the Dino terminology system, shine understanding apparatus and methods tend to be displayed in a day and age appropriate and fun method.


By promoting a rich and tempting studying surroundings, toddlers will soon beginning the natural means of learning Polish vocabulary. Integrating repetition technique will boost a childs self-esteem and engagement with every Polish task. Strategically in the pipeline period recalls utilize and trigger storage development that can help young children to dicuss Polish.


Dino terminology uses the whole immersion strategy which allows girls and boys immerse on their own inside the Polish understanding process overnight. By immediately catching their own attention and making use of repetition and quiz techniques, youngsters are motivated and excited to speak Polish instantly which is well suited for all beginners.

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Observe any time, anywhere

On line Polish coaching, video, games, tracks, reports, products, printable worksheets, flashcards and much more.


Video game depending learning

Finding out Polish gets a fun adventure for young ones using advantage system. Children hatch dinosaur eggs and earn surprise rewards by completing Polish coaching, video games and quizzes. Utilizing the limitless energy of childrens imagination, shine cartoons host as they show. Kids read Polish while they bring and discover while they communicate.

All of our gloss program include standard vocabulary in following kinds; data, styles, dinners, vegetables and fruits, residence stuff, parts of the body, families, garments, automobiles, characteristics, Animals, Alphabet and Greetings in Polish.