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Pollen provides bees with proteins, lipids, nutrients. Proteins are made up of amino acids. All creatures wanted vital proteins, which must certanly be obtained outwardly and should not feel synthesized by creatures. Honey bees also need similar 10 amino acids as more pets (eg, humans). These amino acids were extracted from pollen best, because honey bees do not have almost every other sources of protein. Pollen collection by a colony range from 10 to 26 kilograms (kg) each year.

Pollen was mixed with nectar and bee secretions to create a€?bee loaves of bread,a€? which experiences lactic acid fermentation. Rearing one larva need 25a€“37.5 mg protein, equal to 125a€“187.5 milligrams pollen.

Capturing bee pollen

You can aquire bee-collected pollen from companies, but a danger of bringing in illnesses and bugs through pollen is available. Another option will be capture yours bee pollen using pollen barriers. Pollen traps is units placed directly under or perhaps in side of hives, with holes merely big enough to permit bees in however adequate to allow bees with pollen in. You possibly can make a trap by correcting a bit of equipment cloth with six meshes (6 holes per inch), or acquire commercial barriers. The lowest priced any, about $15 each, are a drawer that rests in front of a beehive. Collect pollen every one to two period and store they frozen inside zip-close bags. You’ll be able to blend the pollen with glucose syrup and provide they to bees within the springtime. Bee-collected pollen has been confirmed as superior to any pollen replacement.

Pollen replacement for bees

A great pollen replacement honey bees will need to have exactly the same services as a good pollen: 1) palatability (is commonly ate), 2) digestibility (is very easily digested) and 3) balance (includes appropriate amino acid stability and enough crude protein). Presently, there are no less than six industrial pollen substitutes for honey bees for the U.S.: AP23, Bee-Pol, Bee-Pro, Feed-Bee, MegaBee and Ultra Bee.

Super Bee or MegaBee seem to be the most common with beekeepers. Since AP23 is completely new, there are no released reports upon it. Beekeepers reported similar approval and performance of AP23 about MegaBee.

Research are nevertheless are underway to get the optimum ratio of fat to protein in a replacement. For bumble bees, the best proportion of fat to proteins are between 1:5 and 1:10. This might signify most substitutes shopping today are way too low in fat and you need to start thinking about including 10% veggie petroleum on the pollen substitutes.

Giving bees pollen

Feed pollen or their replacements around mid-February to very early March in Michigan. This can promote brood manufacturing and territories are prepared to getting separate by later part of the April. Supply at the very least 2 lbs in patties above brood nests on a wax report. (to get ready patties, combine dried out replace dust with equal amounts of sugar. Adding 50% glucose syrup to manufacture a paste-like consistency.) Bees shall be frantically pursuing necessary protein means in April and could when it’s hot enough but few plants is available yet. They might search any dust that appears like pollen. Bees have been seen packing upwards floor corn in bird feeders into the springtime, despite the reality these powders don’t offer great protein to bees. Some beekeepers offer pollen or substitutes to bees throughout scarcity in August and September. They claim this can build the territories up so they see a bigger harvest of goldenrod honey and bees will winter much better. Feeding bees before wintering (in Oct and November) does not apparently help the colonies as this runs brood rearing. Any professionals involved in brood rearing cannot endure the winter.


Honey bees forage for liquids for two reasons. A person is to use they to dilute honey making sure that honey are put into brood edibles. The second is to make use of h2o to cause evaporative air conditioning by fanning over a thin coating as soon as the ambient heat has ended 35 A°C. During wintertime, bees have enough h2o from condensation around interior address. This often may build excess h2o, which could trickle regarding the cluster and destroy bees if there is not adequate ventilation. Whenever bees posses an option, they usually prefer water with many salts (including, theya€™ll choose a pool over a lake). A recent study showed that bees from inside the laboratory desired h2o with 0.15a€“ 0.3percent sodium (NaCl).

Its smart to supply liquid to bees during summer, with 0.1a€“0.2per cent edible salt included. (One teaspoon of salt to at least one gallon produces 0.11per cent. Utilize uniodinated sodium if at all possible.) You must do this early (around mid-April in Michigan) in order that bees are certain to get regularly your water origin. Usually, they will create their very own provider and get there in place of to your own. Render some sort of floating equipment to help keep bees from drowning. Keep replacing the water supply as needed. Never ever allow it to work dried out or bees will discover a liquid supply.


Honey bees can acquire all their nutritional elements obviously if bees are in an environment who has sufficient floral tools. There needs to be a mutualistic relationship between honey bees and humans a€“ we offer these with shelter, care and diet when necessary. Inturn, we utilize them for pollination, so when there is a surplus, we remove some honey as a reward. Love bees as well as their sweet benefit!