Saudi Society for Voluntary Work – Takatuf Modern IT

Saudi Society for Voluntary Work – Takatuf

Type of Project: android

Date: Tuesday June 20th, 2017

About Takatuf

Takatuf platform for managing volunteer opportunities is specifically designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the Saudi Society for Voluntary work to achieve their goals. The platform main aim is to engage volunteers who are looking for volunteering opportunities and associations that have those volunteering opportunities.

Platform Features:
– Register as a volunteer, log in, recover a password, and logging out
– Viewing and editing profile.
– Viewing volunteer opportunities and applying to those opportunities directly through the system.
– Viewing and printing the course attendance certificate.
– Receive instant notifications.
– Viewing previous volunteer works and registered volunteering hours.

App features for associations:
– Associations registering, sign in and out and passwords recovering.
– Viewing and editing all the information related to the association.
– Posting new volunteer opportunities.
– Receive and view various opportunities for volunteers to
– Approving or rejecting joining requests.

Application Features for Trainers:
– Signing in, logging out and password recovering.
– Adding available days for the instructor to provide training workshops.
– Trainer’s evaluation for the workshop.